Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pinetree Garden Seeds Order

I have been ordering on and off over the years since they first opened.  Pinetree's niche has always been smaller, less expensive seed packets for the home gardener.  At one point they were my main seed source.  In recent years I have ordered from them, but not consistently.  Their seed quality has not changed.  Their process are still very low.  their variety selection has increased.

The reason is shipping charges!  When they eliminated their flat rate shipping for seeds my orders and loyalty were seriously impacted.

their current shipping rates are:
up to $9.99: $2.95
$10.00- $19.99: $3.95
$20.00- $39.99: $6.95

Sorry, I just think a three dollar jump is absurd.  It would cost that much more to ship another package of seed?

The years I do place an order it is below $19.99.
This year they do have a $2.00 coupon for online orders, BUT their shipping fees go by the subtotal before the coupon!!!

That being said, I did place an order last night.  It was one of my "fun" orders. Things that I don't need, but would be fun to grow!

283 PURPLE CAYENNE PEPPER 1 $1.35- a fun color for a cayenne pepper 

35 RUBY QUEEN BEET 1 $0.95- a leading variety 

502 MAGICAL MICHAEL BASIL 1 $0.95- supposed to be very ornamental 

51102 RED LETTUCE LEAF BASIL 1 $1.15- an interesting new twist 

65001 FRUITY MIX MARIGOLD 1 $1.25- a 24" citrus colored mix with white 

67707 STARBURST BLAZE SUNFLOWER 1 $1.35- a double red! 

708 PRETTY BONNETS AQUILEGIA 1 $1.60- double picotee blooms 

83601 BURGUNDY FRILLYTUNIA PETUNIA 1 $1.35- very frilled 

85701 MULTIBLOOM SALMON GERANIUM 1 $1.95- an amazing price 

85702 MULTIBLOOM WHITE GERANIUM 1 $1.95- an amazing price 

98 SEA FOAM SWISS CHARD 1 $1.35- more refined taste than older varieties 

W240 PAONAZZA D EGITTO BEET 1 $1.35- a flat, purple Italian beet 

W25702 SPIGARIELLO LISCIA GREENS 1 $1.25- Italian green with broccoli flavored leaves 

W468 BUNCHING ONION CRIMSON FOREST 1 $1.35- a deep red scallion 

Total: $19.15    
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they are as fun as imagine them to be...


  1. I ordered from Pinetree too, but they are never my main order. I use Fedco for that because they have no shipping charge on orders over 30 dollars. It is great to imagine what all those new seeds might bring to us isn't it?

    1. When thry were my primary source this was the 1980's and 1990's long before I learned about Fedco.

      I agree, the garden in my "mind's eye" is always interesting and spectacular.

  2. That is a big jump in shipping costs between $19.99 and $20.00. They did eliminate the extra shipping charges from their potatoes, live plants, and bulbs. But if you don't order those items then the "savings" will not be beneficial. Luckily, I can avoid the shipping charges because I can pick up my order. Although this year I am ordering from Fedco because they offer a tomato variety I want to try. I only have a small order and will have to pay $5 shipping, so I may as well try to get all my seeds at one place.

    1. Luck you to be so close! I'd love to get my seeds in all one place, but no one place can satsify my eclectic tastes! Even looking at wholesalers lists there is no one place that has it all.

      If you haven't ordered from Fedco before, I think you will really be pleased.

  3. They used to be my main one too. That changed a while ago. But I do order from them often. Like you they are my fun seeds. Or just a few things.

    1. I guess change is inevidible. All of the comanies that I grew up ordering from have changed. And not for the better!

      I noticed that Fedco did not have the best prices for their new items this year. This was somewhat of a shock!

  4. I hardly ever order from the catalogs, due to the shipping charges. If they are over $3.00 just forget it. There are a lot of seeds I'd love to try, if those shipping charges weren't so steep. I had never even considered Fedco, as their downloadable catalog is certainly not one of the more desirable ones to use. I may have to reconsider after all the good comments I've seen about them. Next year....I already placed my Ed Hume order, all the seeds I want for $2 shipping.

    1. You know that like you, shipping costs are my biggest pet peeve! I'll try any company that has free or reasoanble shipping. When you have an addiction like mine every dollar counts ;)

  5. have you guys seen what most of the other companies with good varieties cost? it's a killer... up to $20 and more based on number of things, not just total cost. one big exception is baker creek seeds, which i highly recommend

  6. Were can I get that $2.00 coupon please?

  7. Were can I get that $2.00 coupon please?