Friday, August 27, 2010

Fertilizer Friday

Fertilizer Friday is hosted by Tootsie Time

It's hard to believe that the week has gone by so quickly. This passed week actually brought a bit of much needed rain.

Above, the 'Broken Colors' four o'clocks are blooming like mad. Every day the show is a bit different. I highly recommend them if you like stripes and spots.

Above, 'Aomaraski Zyouhantensibori' morning glory. How's that for a name! These seeds came from e-bay on 2005 and this is the first year I've grown them. Every seed sprouted, and they really have helped satisfy my stripes addiction.

Above, another e=bay morning glory from 2005. This was supposed to be 'Gypsy Bride', a double (hige) of white with a purple spot near the throat. They bloomed this pink with a red star, a lighter pink than 'Sunrise Serenade' and they are come single and feathered. This is the single.

Above, a semi-feathered bloom.

Above, a fully feathered bloom. Since I have no idea what strain, if any this is I've dubbed it "High Hopes". It sounds much better than "I've waited all summer for this??!!!".

Above, another bloom of 'Cornell' morning glory, the last of those 2005 e-bay seeds. I should have loads of seed from this one when they ripen.

Above, 'Aomaraski Zyouhantensibori' morning glory showing a different face.

Above, the original strain of 'Bolero' marigold. This is the one that won the All-America Selections award in 1970 and has become almost impossible to find.

Above, one of my favorite types of petunia, the old Superbissima's, commonly known as 'Giants of California'. The plants and the blooms grow to a massive size!
Hope you all have a good weekend!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fertilizer Friday

Fertilizer Friday is hosted by Tootsie Time
It was not a good week for me. Combine the remnants of a cold and a bizarre work schedule and I was left with just enough energy to snap some pictures.

Above, a hummingbird moth having his breakfast of morning glory 'Grandpa Otte'.

Above, a light pink selection of morning glory 'Stripes and Splashes', please pay no mind to the half eaten bean leaves.

Above, finally a bloom on of my two surviving 'Stardust Mixed' geraniums. I started with nine and lost seven to rot. I didn't think that was supposed to happen with seed grown geraniums!

Above, a close up of 'Cornell' morning glory.

Above, a selection from 'Candy Stripe' zinnia.

Above, a close up of my living bouquet of 'New Burpee Hybrids' cactus zinnia.

Above, a close up of two of the largest heads of 'Bicolor Chief' cockscomb.

Above, 'Cornell' morning glory, with a stray bloom from 'Grandpa Ott'.

The season seems to be winding down, even though it's still august. The heat and the draught have taken their toll despite my valiant attempts at keeping things watered. The summer vegetables were a bust this year, with the exception of sweet peppers. Last year, despite the problems with blight I had tomatoes on very surface in the kitchen. This year I couldn't even get a decent amount of cherry tomatoes. Sigh, there's always next year...
Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fertilizer Friday

Fertilizer Friday is hosted by Tootsie Time

Not many pictures were taken this week, here are a selected few.

Just click on any picture to enlarge it.

Above, cockscomb 'Bicolor Chief'.

Geranium 'Horizon Orange Ice', zinnia 'Profusion White' and zinnia 'Zahara Double Fire'.

Morning Glory 'Early Call Blue'.

The front portion of the driveway bed.

Four O'Clock 'Broken Colors.

Balsam 'Peppermint'.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just a 'Fantasy'?

The scan below is taken from Burpee's 1937 catalog. Zinnia 'Fantasy Mixed' was introduced in 1935 by the Bodger Seed Co. and won a silver medal in the 1935 All-America Selections. They were considered a breakthrough in form, a variation on the relatively new cactus form. The bloom size was 3- 3.5 inches and the petals were extremely rolled and twisted. The last time they appear in my old catalogs is in the the mid 1970's. From all accounts the strain is extinct.

Pictured below is a bloom that I found yesterday while cutting a few blooms to bring to my mothers. They look remarkably similar, don't they and the bloom size measured just over 3 inches. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fertilizer Friday

Fertilizer Friday is hosted by Tootsie Time . This week I have a lot to flaunt. I have to admit that I'm a bit obsessed with my zinnias this year, while the heat and the draught have negatively affected just about everything else, they have been spectacular!

Above, 'Broken Colors' four o'clock and 'Meteor' zinnia.

Above, a glorious peach from 'Burpeeana Giants Mixed' zinnia'.

Above, a living bouquet of 'New Burpee Hybrids' cactus zinnia, that turned out in a glorious blend of sunset shades.

Above, a light pink selection from 'Burpeeana Giants Mixed' zinnia.

Above, 'Canary Bird' zinnia.

Above, 'Peter Pan Pink' zinnia.

As always, you can click on any photo to enlarge it. I hope you enjoyed these blooms.