Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fedco Order Placed!!!

Like Daphne, one of my favorite places to order from is Fedco.  They are a New England Co-Op, but their selections have always done well for me in the Mid-Atlantic.  They carry a varied selection of unusual varieties bred by breeders from smaller companies such as Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seed.  The selections marked with an * are bred by Frank Morton.  His lettuces are amazing.  I'm hoping that the endive and kale are equally good.     

The second thing I love about Fedco is their prices.  They are very reasonable to down right cheap,  and they do not charge shipping over $30.00.  What's not to love?

214 - Greencrop Bush Green Bean
251 - Concador Yellow Haricots Verts
254 - Velour Haricots Verts
896 - Opal Creek Snap Pea OG
1460 - Tromboncino Summer Squash
2073 - Shin Kuroda 5" Carrot
2136 - Chioggia Beet
2441 - Prisma Shallots
2446 - Red Marble Onion
2477 - Borrettana Cipollini Onion
2485 - Rossa Lunga di Tropea Onion
2490 - Rossa di Milano Onion
2722 - Salad Bowl Lettuce
2767 - Les Oreilles du Diable Lettuce OG (Devils Ears)*
2768 - Lingua di Canarino Lettuce OG (Canary Tongue)
2781 - Merlox Red Oak Lettuce OG*
2805 - Bronze Mignonette Lettuce
2811 - Buttercrunch Lettuce
2836 - Red-Eared Butterheart Lettuce OG*
2984 - Freedom Lettuce Mix OG*
3047 - Italiko Rosso Chicory
3075 - Speckled Friz Chickendive OG*
3158 - Gigante dItalia Parsley
3236 - Red Giant Mustard OG
3444 - Variegated Collards ECO
3466 - Rainbow Lacinato Kale OG*
3999 - Potassium Nitrate (KNO3)
4254 - Sweet Treats Cherry Tomato
4449 - Sweet Dani Lemon Basil
4461 - Purple Ruffles Basil
4536 - Fernleaf Dill
5235 - Sparky Mix French Dwarf Double Marigold
5539 - Selma Suns Mix Sunflower OG
5748 - Jazzy Mix Zinnia
6437 - Genovese Lemons Basil
6441 - Tigers Eye Sunflower OG

Subtotal: = $58.40

The haricot verts I'll be sharing with Granny.  It is a large order, but I needed to replenish my supply on some favorites. 

Now I just need to narrow down my Geo Seed order...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Now I Can Start My Christmas List!

My Fedco catalog arrived today along with Baker Creed Seed.
Of course I had to stop what I was doing and have a quick look. 
Fedco now carries Granny's favorite 'Velour' beans as well as a lot of other interesting new things.

I already now I'm going to up very late tonight.