Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fedco Order Placed!!!

Like Daphne, one of my favorite places to order from is Fedco.  They are a New England Co-Op, but their selections have always done well for me in the Mid-Atlantic.  They carry a varied selection of unusual varieties bred by breeders from smaller companies such as Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seed.  The selections marked with an * are bred by Frank Morton.  His lettuces are amazing.  I'm hoping that the endive and kale are equally good.     

The second thing I love about Fedco is their prices.  They are very reasonable to down right cheap,  and they do not charge shipping over $30.00.  What's not to love?

214 - Greencrop Bush Green Bean
251 - Concador Yellow Haricots Verts
254 - Velour Haricots Verts
896 - Opal Creek Snap Pea OG
1460 - Tromboncino Summer Squash
2073 - Shin Kuroda 5" Carrot
2136 - Chioggia Beet
2441 - Prisma Shallots
2446 - Red Marble Onion
2477 - Borrettana Cipollini Onion
2485 - Rossa Lunga di Tropea Onion
2490 - Rossa di Milano Onion
2722 - Salad Bowl Lettuce
2767 - Les Oreilles du Diable Lettuce OG (Devils Ears)*
2768 - Lingua di Canarino Lettuce OG (Canary Tongue)
2781 - Merlox Red Oak Lettuce OG*
2805 - Bronze Mignonette Lettuce
2811 - Buttercrunch Lettuce
2836 - Red-Eared Butterheart Lettuce OG*
2984 - Freedom Lettuce Mix OG*
3047 - Italiko Rosso Chicory
3075 - Speckled Friz Chickendive OG*
3158 - Gigante dItalia Parsley
3236 - Red Giant Mustard OG
3444 - Variegated Collards ECO
3466 - Rainbow Lacinato Kale OG*
3999 - Potassium Nitrate (KNO3)
4254 - Sweet Treats Cherry Tomato
4449 - Sweet Dani Lemon Basil
4461 - Purple Ruffles Basil
4536 - Fernleaf Dill
5235 - Sparky Mix French Dwarf Double Marigold
5539 - Selma Suns Mix Sunflower OG
5748 - Jazzy Mix Zinnia
6437 - Genovese Lemons Basil
6441 - Tigers Eye Sunflower OG

Subtotal: = $58.40

The haricot verts I'll be sharing with Granny.  It is a large order, but I needed to replenish my supply on some favorites. 

Now I just need to narrow down my Geo Seed order...


  1. It looks like a wonderful list of seeds. I do love that they try to get their seed from small growers too. They can't always of course. But they do a good job.

    1. I've never had a problem with back orders. I check the info on their site before placing my order and adjust accordingly.

  2. I love that you're sharing with Granny :-) I haven't even begun to think of what I'll be ordering. I'm still recovering from Christmas!

    1. I'm sure I'll have more to share with you. I still have a few more orders to place. Christmas has never stood in my way are seed ordering time!

  3. Love looking at your list! Fedco is my primary order too and mine went out on Friday. I love their prices and variety. Can't wait to get that package!

    1. I should post the preliminary list, LOL! I feel the same way. There is nothing coming home and finding a package of seeds waiting for you.