Monday, January 24, 2011

Better Late...

I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post!
Now that the holiday's have come and gone, and the overtime at work is winding down, I actually have a little free time.
Seeds have not been ordered yet, but I've been narrowing my list. I may even be able to control myself this year!
Two reasons why-
1. I was able to save a good deal of seed from last year, the first time I've seriously tried.
2. I was cleaning out my climate controlled storage unit last fall and found buried treasure. Not gold, but a large stash of seed from 2005 that should be in good shape. The real treasure was a stash of seed that I purchased in France and Germany. Granted this European seed is over ten years old, but it has been in a climate controlled environment since 2005. I'll be starting some germination tests soon and will post the results.
The only seed I've purchased is a few packs from Thompson and Morgan in November. This will probably be my last order to them. T&M US was sold last year and when the charge came through on my credit card this fall it was from Michigan Bulb Company... a fact I find very disturbing.
I have gotten in my request for tomato seed to Wintersown.Org.
The six requested varieties of tomato are:
1. 'Cowlicks Brandywine'
2. 'Royal Hillbilly'
3. 'San Marzano Nano'
4. 'Pruden's Purple'
5. 'New Yorker'
6. 'Ramapo OP'
This will be my third year requesting seed from them. It has been worth it. Thanks to them I've discovered two of my favorite tomatoes 'Black Sea Man' and 'Black Cherry'. My 'Potomac' pole beans were a gift from them. I highly recommend checking out their website.