Friday, August 20, 2010

Fertilizer Friday

Fertilizer Friday is hosted by Tootsie Time
It was not a good week for me. Combine the remnants of a cold and a bizarre work schedule and I was left with just enough energy to snap some pictures.

Above, a hummingbird moth having his breakfast of morning glory 'Grandpa Otte'.

Above, a light pink selection of morning glory 'Stripes and Splashes', please pay no mind to the half eaten bean leaves.

Above, finally a bloom on of my two surviving 'Stardust Mixed' geraniums. I started with nine and lost seven to rot. I didn't think that was supposed to happen with seed grown geraniums!

Above, a close up of 'Cornell' morning glory.

Above, a selection from 'Candy Stripe' zinnia.

Above, a close up of my living bouquet of 'New Burpee Hybrids' cactus zinnia.

Above, a close up of two of the largest heads of 'Bicolor Chief' cockscomb.

Above, 'Cornell' morning glory, with a stray bloom from 'Grandpa Ott'.

The season seems to be winding down, even though it's still august. The heat and the draught have taken their toll despite my valiant attempts at keeping things watered. The summer vegetables were a bust this year, with the exception of sweet peppers. Last year, despite the problems with blight I had tomatoes on very surface in the kitchen. This year I couldn't even get a decent amount of cherry tomatoes. Sigh, there's always next year...
Have a great weekend!


  1. Good morning. Your Morning Glory vines are just so pretty but I really love your Geranium. The like the shape of the petals on the blooms. Too bad some were lost because they are beautiful. The Candy Stripe zinnia is pretty also. Good name for it.Have a great weekend.

  2. aloha,

    i'm enjoying your garden views this morning...what a nice collection of flowers, i love all the interesting new zinnia hybrids you have there

    thanks for sharing that with us today

  3. Loved the gorgeous flowers in your landscaping designs! Especially the 'Candy Stripe' zinnia. So beautiful. I used to have a rose with a red and white stripe that was lovely but I think this is even prettier. :)

  4. Your flowers are just gorgeous. Hope they got you out of your funk! Love the morning glories and the Candy Stripe zinnia. I grew them last year and somehow failed to do so this year although I adore them. They just look good enough to eat somehow lol. Your cockscomb is great too!

  5. that is a fantastic flaunt!!! Love the photo of the hummingbird...I can never get a good shot of the ones in my garden!!!