Friday, August 27, 2010

Fertilizer Friday

Fertilizer Friday is hosted by Tootsie Time

It's hard to believe that the week has gone by so quickly. This passed week actually brought a bit of much needed rain.

Above, the 'Broken Colors' four o'clocks are blooming like mad. Every day the show is a bit different. I highly recommend them if you like stripes and spots.

Above, 'Aomaraski Zyouhantensibori' morning glory. How's that for a name! These seeds came from e-bay on 2005 and this is the first year I've grown them. Every seed sprouted, and they really have helped satisfy my stripes addiction.

Above, another e=bay morning glory from 2005. This was supposed to be 'Gypsy Bride', a double (hige) of white with a purple spot near the throat. They bloomed this pink with a red star, a lighter pink than 'Sunrise Serenade' and they are come single and feathered. This is the single.

Above, a semi-feathered bloom.

Above, a fully feathered bloom. Since I have no idea what strain, if any this is I've dubbed it "High Hopes". It sounds much better than "I've waited all summer for this??!!!".

Above, another bloom of 'Cornell' morning glory, the last of those 2005 e-bay seeds. I should have loads of seed from this one when they ripen.

Above, 'Aomaraski Zyouhantensibori' morning glory showing a different face.

Above, the original strain of 'Bolero' marigold. This is the one that won the All-America Selections award in 1970 and has become almost impossible to find.

Above, one of my favorite types of petunia, the old Superbissima's, commonly known as 'Giants of California'. The plants and the blooms grow to a massive size!
Hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. Very nice...I too like the stripes..Just where in the world do you have so many morning glories growing, they tend to take over here.

  2. These are lovely convulvulus - I have only got the boring old morning glory one in my garden.

  3. What pretty morning glories. The one with the stripes is so unusual. I can't believe I bought morning glory seeds this year because I wanted a light purpleish pink one, it just now bloomed but the volunteers hundreds have been blooming for weeks. What is with that?

  4. Wow ... the Aomaraski is just beautiful ... a mouthful, but beautiful nontheless! You do have some great e-bay bargains! I haven't seen the Bolero for ages and ages ... how terrific that you have one!

  5. Darla, I have a six foot privacy fence enclosing the backyard as well a second story deck. They are growing aginst the fence and the deck railing, as well as six foot teepee's in huge pots.

    Debbie, I planted 'Heavenly Blue' and 'Pearly Gates'. so far I have a jungle of huge leaves and not one bud in sight! Meanwhile, 'Grandpa Ott' has been having hundreds of blooms each a.m. since June!

  6. Bernie,
    Thanks! If I get any seeds from 'Aomaraski' and 'Bolero', I'll gladly send you some if your interested.

  7. Oh, love that Cornell morning glory.....actually, love all of them! Very pretty.

  8. I learned new things from your post. The morning glory varieties are new to me as is the petunia. Nice!