Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's Time for Mountain Maniacs!

My new theme song for 2013...

It's time for Mountain Maniacs,

and we're lazy to the max.

Just sit back and relax,

watch Ed's bean poles collapse,

We're mountain Maniacs!

Come meet the Mountain brothers and the Mountain cousin Spot,

just for fun they around Ed's freshly planted plot.

He locks them in the bower whenever they get caught,

but they get loose, and then vamoose, right through Ed's newly seeded plot.

We are Mountain Maniacs!

We use fertilizer by the sack,

we never can relax,

Ed pays lot's of income tax.

We're Mountain Maniacs!

Come meet Ed's morning glories who want to rule the universe.

When plans come together Mother Nature zaps them with a curse.

Every day is windy, the seasons are in reverse.

We have chapped lips, Ed's disc is slipped, and now he needs a nurse.

We are Mountain Maniacs!

We have chronic, strained sore backs.

We're lazy to the max,

there's manure in our slacks.

We're Mountain Manie,

not urbanie...

Mountain Maniacs...

those are the facts!

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