Friday, January 18, 2013

Baker Creek Order

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed is another company that I have ordered from on and off over the years.  Last year I placed a small order and was very pleased with the service and results.  While they do charge shipping, they have a flat rate of $3.95 for seed orders.

Thursday night I placed another one of my "fun" orders with them. They have a huge selection of heirloom and very hard to find varieties.  The seeds are not cheap, but reasonable compared to most of the competition.  They do have fairly high seed counts.

Red Express Cabbage CB114 300 seed $2.25- a very early small red 

Grumolo Biondo "Golden" Chicory RC109 250 seed $1.50- does not head like radicchio 

Grumolo Rossa di Verona Chicory RC110 250 seed $1.50- does not head like radicchio  

Gentilina Lettuce LT130 150 seed $2.00- a favorite from last year 

UConn Winter Squash SQ273 30 seed $2.50- a very rare bush acorn 

Legion Of Honor Marigold FL908 150 seed $2.25- quite popular in the 1930's 

Spun Gold Marigold FL469 100 seed $2.50- a favorite from last year  

Balcony Mix Petunia FL562 800 seed $2.50- they have a great strain 

Fire Chief Petunia FL563 200 seed $2.50- a personal favorite 

Stellaris Red and White Star Petunia FL907 400 seed $2.25- been looking for a new supplier 

Bon Bon Zinnia FL827 100 seed $2.50- last year, my most photographed zinnia 

Button Box Zinnia FL837 100 seed $2.50- been looking for a good strain 

Burpee Rose Zinnia FL812 100 seed $2.00- I love giant cactus zinnias!

Pink Senorita Zinnia FL831 100 seed $2.50- my favorite cactus zinnia!

Bellvue Mixed Abutilon FL904 25 seed $2.25- it just jumped into the cart!

As you can see I did not break the bank on this order, even though I could have!!!


  1. I've heard good things about them, but I've never used them myself.

  2. I have ordered from them in the past and was very pleased!