Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today in the Garden

Random photo's from around the garden.

Remember to click on the photo to enlarge.
Above, the pool pots are looking good.  The rudbeckia in the last pot lived over from last years pots.
Above, the bi-color double cosmos I saved seeds from last year.  First flower opening and it is coming true from seed.  I did find out that this will be a 2012 introduction- 'Double Click Pink Bi-Color',
Above, volunteer balsam.  The one on the right is last year color.  The one on the left is a light pink with white spots.  Very unusual.

Above, my favorite near white daylily, 'Alpine Snow'.
Above, look at those peppers, they are sizing up very quickly.
Above, 'Tennessee Spice' pepper that is loaded.
Above, a view of the driveway bed.
Above, these are my caged indeterminate tomatoes.  'Black Sea Man' on the right is the leader in fruit set of this group.  The bean growing up the front are 'Tennessee Green Pod', turns out that they are a half- runner.  The catalog said nothing about this!


  1. That is a nice shot of your pool area. It looks very well done.

  2. Lovely flowers! The pool area is especially pretty with the pots of color. The peppers and tomatoes look so lush and healthy. I'm still crying over my peppers, but some of them seem to be perking up and putting on some growth, so maybe I'll get a small harvest from them.

  3. Kris and Granny- Thanks! I seem to have gotten to the point where I can come up with good combinations for the pool pots. They should be looking good for the rest of the summer.