Friday, July 8, 2011


They are almost ripe...

Above, the first of the 'Victor' tomatoes, hopefully to be picked this weekend.
Above, here is one side of the rest of the plant.  Now if only all my plants were producing like this...


  1. That's like the one bush bean plant I was picking last night. I thought it looked loaded, so I counted. I took 49 mature green beans off of it! The Clear Pink Early tomato was a prolific one last year. I'm wishing I had planted it again.

  2. That bad boy is loaded with maters. That is awesome.

  3. Granny- This plant has the most fruit, but the other two are not far behind. I remember noting last year how loaded your 'Clear Pink Early' was. My beans are nothing to write home about. The don't seem to like the jungle conditions of the PSP.

    Kris- Thanks! They seem to be making up for last year which was a complete bust.