Monday, January 18, 2016

Which Shall It Be?

Don't you just love it when you are reading a gardening blog and the blogger relays an idyllic picture of choosing seeds? They talk about settling back in a comfy chair, snow falling outside the window, a steaming beverage on the side table, seed catalog in lap. They talk of leisurely studying the pages and dreaming of things to come. I wish my reality was like that!
In my reality, selecting what I'm going to order for the upcoming year is fraught with anxiety.
Will I make the right selections? Can I find a way to cram a few more in that space? Why can't one company sell everything I need? All of these questions are constantly running through my head.
I'm not sitting with a catalog in hand. I am at the computer, several windows open, googling that variety for pics of what it actually looks like in the garden, then trying to find it for a reasonable price. My list is usually five times more than what I can find room for and afford. Then comes the endless addition and subtraction until a few weeks later I find I have to place the order as things are beginning to sell out. Once the order is placed, buyers remorse than kicks in. Did I make the right decision? Would that color look better. Maybe I can grow those long carrots in my rocky, clay soil. The list goes on.
One of the guiding forces in my reality is having to be frugal by necessity. We still have not completely recovered from the economic down turn. Even after eight years. Then there is my major peeve about shipping costs. I know for a fact that it does not cost $6.95- $8.95 to ship 20 packs of seed. Free shipping or reasonable shipping rates are what I am looking for. Then there is quality. You do get what you pay for. Renee's Garden Seeds is one my favorites. Her seeds cost a bit more, but I know from experience that they will live up to their descriptions. Plus, she has discriminating selections, wonderful mixes of vegetable's and a very generous seed count. The icing on the cake is her end of season sale. This is when I will pay $6.95 for shipping.
I do have the advantage of having a mid January birthday. My family and friends know that a gift of seeds or a seed house gift card will be VERY well received. This year I was lucky. A great gift from Seeds n' Such for Christmas and Fedco and Pinetree for my birthday. I'm almost there! I just have to narrow down my Swallowtail Seed order and maybe a few things from Select Seeds. Sigh... this could take a few more weeks.

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