Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Seed Orders Placed- Seeds n' Such

The first order of the year was actually placed last year. It was a gift order from Seeds n' Such.
I happened to notice a seed package in a photo on the Piedmont Gardeners blog. Curious about the company I did some research and found their website. The owner is the former owner of
R.H. Shumway, Totally Tomatoes etc. After selling these companies he decided to start another one. I then looked at their offerings. A nice selection of the older, tried and true varieties along with the newest. Then I looked at their pricing structure. The more you buy the more you save. Twenty or more packets for $1.99 each. Everything on their site is included.
I anxiously waited for the website to be updated for 2016 and was not disappointed.
I was then asked if I would like a seed order for Christmas. Of course I did, and immediately decided to take a leap of faith and come up with 20 varieties. The icing on the cake was a $2.95 flat shipping fee. Great deals for some of the hybrid tomatoes and peppers. They also have a large selection of the All-America Selections.
It's no secret I have a seed fetish. Don't judge me.
Here is what I received-
Seeds n'Such # Seeds Price
Broccoli Artwork 30 1.99
Cabbage Stonehead 100 1.99
Cucumber Diva 30 1.99
Cucumber Pick-A-Bushel 25 1.99
Cucumber Salad Bush 10 1.99
Eggplant Patio Baby 10 1.99
Geranium Multibloom Mix 10 1.99
Geranium Multibloom Red 10 1.99
Lettuce Sandy 500 1.99
Onion Super Star 200 1.99
Pepper Fooled You 15 1.99
Pepper Mama Mia Giallo 20 1.99
Pepper Orange Blaze 10 1.99
Pepper Sweet Sunset 10 1.99
Radish Halloween Mix 250 1.99
Squash Bossa Nova 15 1.99
Tomato Chef's Choice Orange 30 1.99
Tomato Chef's Choice Pink 30 1.99
Tomato Fantastico 10 1.99
Tomato Lemon Boy 30 1.99
Tomato Lizzano 10 1.99
Tomato Mountain Merit 10 1.99
Tomato Pink Girl 30 1.99
Tomato Rutgers Select 50 1.99
Tomato Sun Gold 20 1.99
Tomato Terenzo 10 1.99
Pepper Emerald Fire 5 Free
Tomato Premio 5 Free
Shipping    2.95
Total   54.65