Sunday, July 24, 2011

If You Can't Stand the Heat...

... stay out of the garden.  Which is what I did.  Temps have been over 100f for the last three days, add the high humidity and my outdoor time becomes very limited.  The garden got a deep watering yesterday in the early morning.  A few quick harvests and picture taking rounded it out.  And, no... the pool isn't an answer, when the water temp is 88 degrees your not refreshed,,, just wet.

Above, the back bed in the PSP, pole beans and 'Caserta' squash planted on July 4.

Above, filet beans where the savoy cabbage was planted.  The other cabbage is finally heading.

Above, 'Black Cherry' tomatoes grown up poles.
Above, a volunteer 'Marmalade' rudbeckia in the pool bed.
Above, a perfect white cactus zinnia.
Above, 'Grandpa Ott' morning glories on the second floor deck railing.
Above, the pots surrounding the pool.

This coming week we are supposed to be cooler, the mid 90's... what fun.


  1. I think I'm going to have to give up on Heavenly Blue, and try something like Grandpa Ott. HB is so late, there is always a chance I won't even see it blossom. Is Grandpa Ott your earliest morning glory?

    We're finally getting some heat, yesterday and today. I put some lettuce seedlings out Friday night and the hot sun fried them to a crisp on Saturday :-(

  2. Granny- Grandpa Ott is by far the earliest, it has been in bloom since mid June. These are self seeded and one of the vines is a denim blue. I've marked some of the blooms to save seed from it. If they set I will send you some as well as the original.

    Sorry to hear about your lettuce, I've post-poned sowing my fall crops in the hope the heat will break.

  3. That sounds great, Ed. My Coastal Pride Orange tomatoes will be ripening soon. If they taste as nice as they look, I'll be sure to send you some seeds. The size of the fruit is surprisingly large for such a small plant, similar to or larger than Clear Pink Early. The plant is about 3' high, sturdy, compact and deep green in color. It would look pretty in your potager.

    I'm going to direct seed some lettuce this week, as our temps are supposed to drop back into the mid to low 80s.