Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Garden Late July- Part 1

The Pool Bed
The back part of this bed has the vegetables- bush tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and basil.  They are doing ok, but were set back as this area has some challenges.  Originally it was a full of sedum which was covered with landscape fabric and bark mulch.  Five years later the fabric is under 6" of mulch.  To plant in this bed you have to dig down to the fabric, cut a hole in the fabric and then fill the hole with soil mix and put in the seedling.  The seedlings will then grow slowly till the roots reach down to the soil and then take off.
The vegetables in the back section.
'New Big Dwarf' tomato that is loaded with fruit, the first one was picked this week.
'Tennessee Spice' pepper with more than I'll ever use.
The front of the bed as seen from the pool area.
'Double Click Pink Bi-Color' cosmos, 'Salmon Sunset' four-o-clock, 'Improved Rose King' petunia.
'Imroved Rose King' petunia, 'Alderman' petunia, 'Carpet of Snow' alyssum, 'Oklohoma Salmon' and 'Oklahoma Ivory' zinnia.

One bonus is that when you are in this area on a hot day the smell is incredible, the honey scent of the alyssum combined with the perfume scent of the four-o-clocks.


  1. That "Salmon Sunset" four o'clock is gorgeous. I had one last year that was similar, but slightly variegated with a bit of rose. I saved the seeds, but I had so many volunteers this year I didn't plant any. I hope that color volunteered, because I ended up tossing all my saved seed into one envelope, so the colors are now unknown.

  2. Great pictures, your flowers look awesome as usual. The Tennessee spice peppers look good. They look very similar to something I am growing called a cowhorn pepper. Keep up the hard work.

  3. Granny- I agree about 'Salmon Sunset' since none of last years four o'clock's volunteered these should save true. These are the first four o'clocks I've grown with a stable color.

    Kris- Thanks for the name of the cowhorn pepper. 'Tnnessee Spice' was a bonus and I the only listing I find is the sources. I have no idea at what stage they should be used or what they are used for, maybe I can now figure this out!

  4. I was pulling volunteer four o'clocks for weeks this spring. They grew even where none had been planted before. I'm rather happy they did, as I decided to just let them naturalize themselves around the patio.....lazy Granny can spend more time in the veggie patch and less in the flowers! So far it looks like most of mine will be yellow, but I'm still hoping for a couple more colors.