Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vegetables as Ornamentals

Last year I planted a few extra pepper plants in the bed along the driveway.  Those peppers were the best growers and producers.  I decided that this year I would plant mainly vegetables with flowers as accents.  They have not disappointed.  Here are the latest pictures.
Above,eggplant, bush tomatoes and sweet peppers with cosmos and 'Cherry Brandy' rudbeckia.

If you take a lot the above pictures and attach them end to end you have the entire area with the vegetables,
Above, a pepper close up.  Lots of buds and lots of new branches.
Above, eggplant close up.  There is no flea beetle damage!!!
Above, close up of one of the bush tomatoes.

I can't figure out why these are doing so much better than those in the PSP.  There is less competition and less crowding, but the soil is almost straight clay.  All I did was break it up and scratch in some 10-10-10,  The PSP soil has many years of amendments and is much more friable.  It is watered less and the amount of sun is the same.  The mysteries of gardening...

After these pics were taken, I added some 'Janie Primrose' marigolds and 'Button Box' zinnias as an edging.  I also scattered in a few 'Sunset Giants' marigolds.  I'll also be putting in a few of my more ornamental basil's.  I'll keep you posted on the progress.


  1. I put my jalapeno peppers in the front yard containers, along with dwarf zinnias and lobelia. I hope the plants don't get too tall, but I'm afraid they will. On the other hand, none of my peppers are growing well this year. They look worse now than when they were seedlings ;-(

  2. Granny-
    Last year was the first year I ever grew a decent pepper. I'm willing to give up as much space as possible if I find an area where they grow well. I hope yours pick up soon. It seems once the real heat started that mine began to take off.