Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tomato 'Victor'

This tomato had been on my want list for years.  The only source I could find was Sandhill Preservation Center, and ever year they were not available... until this year. 

It won a bronze medal in the 1942 All America Selections, and was highly touted in the catalogs.  Park Seed carried it well into the 1950's.

Burpee's 1942 catalog has the following description: "60 days. A first early,  heavy cropping with fruit the size and shape worthy of a mid season variety.  Developed at North Dakota Experiment Station especially for the northern states, Canada, as well as dry and mountain areas.  Tomatoes are scarlet, very uniformly colored, 5ozs in weight, semi globular, fairly smooth and refined.  Plants are small, short, and may be set as close as two feet apart in the row; they are not suited to pruning or staking.  Amazingly productive over a long period."
Above, the first cluster which has begun to ripen.  In size I would say it compare to a "saladette" tomato.  All fruit in the cluster are smooth and blemish free.
Above, enlarge the photo and note that the clusters are very close together, less than 2 inches apart.  And this is only one stem.

Above, click to enlarge and you can see how nice and compact the plant is.  It does grow a bit wide, but so far hasn't taken up that much space.

My three plants are short, very healthy, well behaved and starting to pump out a large quantity of fruit.  I'm hoping the first ones are ripe by the 4th of July.  I'm hoping that they taste as good as they look.


  1. It's so frustrating when they stop selling seeds to a variety that has been popular for years. I used to grow a small patio type tomato that was virtually problem free, and gave a big crop of the small salad tomatoes like your Victor. I can't even remember the name any more, but it stopped being available several years ago.

    I just remembered, it was "Pixie". There is a different one now, "Orange Pixie", but it looks like the old hybrid I want became extinct around 2003.

    I'm growing a really nice compact plant that would do well in your potager. It's called Coastal Pride Orange, from Mr. H. If it turns out to be a good performer, I'll send you some seeds. Last year I grew several dwarf varieties that were good flavored, compact plants.

  2. Granny-
    I remember 'Pixie'. I grow 'Orange Pixie' every now and then, as well as 'Striped Pixie'. Haven't seen the original in years.

    I like some hybrids very much, but once they stop selling them your out of luck. I would give anything to be able to grow 'Spartan Valor' cucumbers again.

    If 'Victor' passes the taste test I'd be more than happey to send you some seeds.

  3. Eager to know -- How did Victor taste?? :)

    And does it really not need to be staked? It looks like yours was at least slightly staked in that photo, but maybe I'm matching the small stake to the wrong plant??