Monday, June 27, 2011

Harvest Monday

The only photo I'm showing this week is the last of the peas.  A mix of purple podded 'Pretty', green podded 'Freezonian' and 'Blizzard' snow pea.  They all went into a chicken stir fry.

I did harvest more lettuce and arugula, but was too lazy to picture it.

The pea vines will be coming out this week and that area will be seeded with pole beans, cucumbers and 'Caserta' squash, and I might try again with cabbage and beets.  Indoors I'll be seeding 'Variegated' collards and 'Rainbow Mixed' lacinato kale.

This week I should also be harvesting my first cabbage.

Harvest Monday is hosted by Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. Those purple peas look so lovely!

  2. Which of the snow peas did yo like the best?

  3. Very pretty peas! You can never have too many peas!

  4. I forgot to ask you. How many different varieties of purple peas did you plant and which is your favorite?

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments.

    Daphne- My favorite snow pea is 'Blizzard', based on production, flavor and ease of growth.

    Robin- The only purple pea I grow is 'Pretty'. Burpee sold it a few ago, but dropped it and I've not seen it since then. I save my own seed now.