Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Three in a Row

Dry days that is.  Along with no rain the temps have been in the low 80's.  It is amazing the results the warmer temps with all that water have brought.  The peas seem to be getting taller each time I look at them, the carrots and beets are finally up and the over wintered lettuce is ready to harvest. 

The over wintered lettuce was not something I planted on purpose.  My fall lettuce went into the garden very late and very small last fall.  Cool weather kept the plants from achieving any size.  They received no protection and about 3/4 of them died over the winter, but the survivors are now growing like gang busters.  This coming fall I am going to purposely plant some to overwinter along with spinach and arugula if i can find the space.

I do have a bit of a dilemma.  I was going to plant another round of carrots and beets last weekend.  The soil was to wet the prepare the area for seeding.  This coming weekend  it will be  May.  I can't decide if I should plant more or wait another week and put in the first planting of bush beans... decisions, decisions...


  1. Ooooh, send me some of that warm weather and sunshine! I lasted about an hour in the garden today, the wind was just too cold. My first planting of carrots is finally up (barely), so I did a second planting. When that one shows, I'll do a third. I'm going to try to keep some growing at different stages all season, I didn't have nearly enough last year. I'm doing the same with beans and lettuce. Until I run out of room, that is ;-)

  2. Annie's Granny-
    I shouldn't have opened my big mouth. Woke up today to a violent thunderstorm nad tornado warning. Oh well, I hope that my stretch of good weather has traveled your way. I don't have much room, I may plant more carrots and skip more beets. I really do want to try the 'Mokum' carrots I bought.

  3. Oh, no! I don't know whether to say "stay safe" or to instruct you to "brave the storm and protect the garden"! I'd probably be inclined to do the latter, but I don't always use good sense ;-)

    Stay safe.