Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Postage Stamp Potager (PSP) late April

Finally, a sunny and dry Saturday.  Lot's going on in the PSP.
Growth is still rather slow, but things are at least starting to noticeably grow.

Above, an over wintered 'Bronze Beauty' lettuce ready for harvest.  Look how big it is compared to the direct sown chicory!
Above, the bed on the right side, the back section is the spinach and arugula finally starting to grow.  The front section is 'Australian Yellow' lettuce, 'Primero' cabbage, 'Samantha' cabbage, 'Gonzales' cabbage and edging in front of 'Lollo di Vino' lettuce.
Above, the back bed.  I added the string "cage" to the bamboo supports.  I'll be adding another rung weekly until I reach the top.  The peas are really starting to take off as is the lettuce.  The seedlings edging the sides are 'Zeolights' and 'Solar Flashback' calendula.
Above, an over view of the PSP.  It should really start to look good in a week or two.

Several types of seedlings were potted up.  5 'Kaleidoscope Mixed' pepper, 6 'Rotundo Bianca Sfumata di Rosa' eggplant, 2 'New Yorker'  tomato and 4 'Mountain Princess' tomato.  These are in addition to what was potted up last week- 3 'Victor' tomato, 6 'Northstar' pepper, 2 'Peacework' pepper and 3 'Tennessee Spice' pepper. 

The eggplants and some of the peppers will most likely be put in the driveway bed.  Flea beetles are menace in the PSP, so I'm going to see if the eggplants can escape them out front.

Tomorrow I hope to pot up some of the larger flower seedlings and perhaps get another sowing of carrots in.

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  1. The PSP is really beginning to take shape, it's looking like a pretty patchwork quilt. I take it you didn't get a horrible storm, as your garden looks very happy. Thank you for sending me some of your sunshine and warm weather today, it's actually supposed to get up to normal temperatures this week!