Sunday, April 3, 2011


Must be what the pea seeds I planted two weeks ago must be saying. These have passed two weeks have been abnormally cold. Almost every night going down to the high 20's, and we have not have not broken out of the 40's at all.

The arrugula took one week to germinate and the spinach took two weeks. Yesterday I noticed that one brave 'Blizzard' pea poked it's head up, and today another on broke the surface. I'm hoping that they let the rest of them know it's safe to come up :)

On the bright side, daffodils and hyacinths have stayed looking exactly the same for the last two weeks. their season should be greatly extended this year.

Last weekend I put in a band of an escarole/ mixture and a band of 'Giant Noble' spinach. When it warms up a bit I'll be sowing carrots and beets and planting the lettuce seedlings.

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