Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Planting

Planted today-

'Horizon Orange Ice Hybrid' Geranium 8

'Sunset Giants' Marigold 9

'Admiral Hybrid' Pepper 1
'Bell Boy Hybrid' Pepper 1
'Northstar Hybrid' Pepper 3
'Peacework' Pepper 3
'Valencia Hybrid' Pepper 1
'Vidi Hybrid' Pepper 1

'Black Cherry' Tomato 2
'Black Sea Man' Tomato 2
'Ramapo OP' Tomato 1
'Russian Black' Tomato 1
'Snowberry' Tomato 1
'Striped Pixie' Tomato 1
'Sungold Hybrid' Tomato 1

'Zahara Double Cherry' Zinnia 8
'Zahara Double Fire' Zinnia 9
'Zahara Starlight Rose' Zinnia 8

Harvested all the broccoli rabe and the rest of the 'Long Scarlet' radishes and planted eight peppers in there place.

The tomatoes were planted in between the lettuce. I began harvesting every other head to give them some room. I've discovered that in my conditions at least, a six inch spacing for lettuce is much to close. Next year it will be at least nine inches apart for them.

Continued planting the pool side pots. 'Zahara Double Fire' zinnia was added to four of the pots, 'Zahara Double Cherry' zinnia was added to two pots, the rest were planted in the triangular bed. 'Zahara Starlight Rose' zinnia were planted at the edges of the 'Double Click' cosmos pots, these may be moved. Snuck a few extra peppers and a mini tomato in these pots as well. The tall salmon and cream zinnias will be added to these pots next week.

The geraniums went into the corner grouping of pots on the fire pit patio. These pots are going to be in creamsicle shades of orange and white.

The tall 'Sunset Giants' marigolds went into the long driveway bed.

Watered all the new plantings with a shot of AlgoFlash for a gentle boost.

More planting and pics tomorrow!

The first flower on the 'Pretty' purple podded peas!

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