Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Germinating 'Cornetto Largo Verde' pole beans from home saved seed!

You would think a seed fanatic would routinely save their own seed. Well I know I should, but in the passed I have not. Last year I decided to save seed from my favorite pole beans. Here is the result, and that's 100% germination.

'Fanfare Hybrid' cucumber, 100% germination from seed dated 2003!
More gratification, excellent germination on seven year old cucumber seed.
In a separate post I'll tell you of the fun I've had with ten year old tomato seed.


  1. I haven't had any experience getting vegie seeds to germinate, but I have to say I'm rather impressed by your efforts. 100% form 7-year old seeds is fantastic.

  2. Thanks Bernie. I've been having great luck this year germinating old seed. In a future post I'll detail my rather simplistic methods.