Saturday, January 30, 2016

Planning- A Cut Flower Garden?

Blame it on the blizzard. Last Saturday afternoon I was on the computer googling something. I honestly can't remember what, and found myself on one of the best sites I have seen. I followed a link from a picture of a peachy cream scabiosa named 'Fata Morgana'. Simply titled Floret, I spent the rest of the day exploring the site. A small cut flower grower, just two acres, they had just launched a new seed line. Cut flowers of course. the seed line is not extensive, but very discriminating. Many items from seed wish list were among their offerings. The photography is excellent and each item has several different shots, giving you a good idea of what the flowers really look like.
I have always had it in the back of my mind I'd like to row a cutting garden. I can't bear to cut flowers from the regular beds, and only make a few bouquets at the end of the season, when frost is predicted. Having very limited space has also been a hindrance. I can give up the vegetables, but I like to eat, so it's not really an option. The next day as I was shoveling 36 inches of snow I had my "aha" moment.
One of my most accessed bookmarks is an article about growing a "Flower Farm in a Box". I have plenty of pots, even a few self watering. I then remembered that the flowers that I had grown this passed summer, the potted ones far outshone their companions in the ground. At this point the bells were going off in my head.
I found myself obsessed with the idea this week. Trying to figure out color schemes, plants etc. Of course, I can't make up my mind. Then again, can you ever have to many seeds? I do have some good cut flower varieties from last falls sales from Select Seeds and Renee's Garden Seeds. I can use these as the core and would then need just some foliage and fillers.
At least it's a pleasant obsession...
'Black Gem' corn flower. One of the few flowers I did cut last year.


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  2. This was a really great read, appreciation for taking the time to put it together! Touched on some very good... bloom tattoos