Monday, February 3, 2014

Testing the Waters

Just so you can see I wasn't completely idle in 2013.
I did grow some flowers around the pool and along the front walk.
I only have about a hundred pictures from last year as opposed to the over a thousand I've taken in previous years.
I'll be posting some of the pictures in the coming days. This should be a good way get used to using blogger again.
'Bon Bon' zinnia close up. Seed from Baker Creek.
Another close up of another shade from the 'Bon Bon' zinnias.
An overview of the pots surrounding the pool.


  1. Beautiful, as always! I wish my potted plants looked as pretty as yours. I've saved quite a few of your older pictures, hoping I could learn from them, but mine never look as lush, colorful and lovely as yours.

  2. Thank you! I've been doing these pots for so long, I guess I just take their success for granted. I'll post some close ups of last years planters so you can get a better look at their composition.

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