Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Renee's Garden Seed Order

My favorite retail packet seed company is Renee's Garden Seed.  She has a wonderful assortment of unique varieties.  I have always found the seed as well as the plant quality excellent.  Unlike a lot of the seed you find in retail locations, what you see is what you get.  The prices are a bit high, but I wait until the beginning of September when she has her seed sale.  This year it was 40% off.  It has taken me almost a month to narrow down the list.  Here is what I have finally ordered.

1 5550 Beans, Bush Tricolor    2.79      1.67

1 5929 Bean, French Gold       2.99       1.79

1 5572 Beets, Baby Ball         2.79       1.67

1 5138 Lettuce, Italian Misticanza    2.79     1.67

1 5931 Lettuce, Sweetie Baby Romaine    2.79     1.67

1 5848 Lettuce, Ruby & Emerald Duet    2.79     1.67

1 5326 Tomato, Super Bush    2.79     1.67

1 5953 Arugula, Wasabi    2.99     1.79

1 5035 Morning Glory, Early Call    2.79     1.67

1 5852 Nasturtium, Buttercream    2.79     1.67

1 5830 Portulaca, Pastel Sundial    2.99     1.79

1 5001 Sunflower, Musicbox    2.79     1.67

1 5837 Zinnia, Pixie Sunshine    2.79     1.67

1 5952 Zinnia, Raspberry Sorbet    2.99     1.79  
The first number is the reg price, the second is the sale price.
A little background on the order.  The bush bean mix is a mix of 'Purple Queen', 'Slenderette' and 'Roc d'Or'.  I love the last two varieties.
The 'French Gold' beans are a yellow filet pole bean.  Have really been wanted to try this one.
All of the lettuce are suited for growing in containers which I plan to a lot more of next year as their are far fewer bug problems.
The tomato is also for container growing.  No fusarium wilt in containers.
'Wasabi' arugula is supposed to taste like it's name!
The morning glories are supposed to grow only to 6ft tall and I want to select out the rose color.
I have never has luck with nasturtiums so I'm trying again.
The other varieties just appealed to me for one reason or another.


  1. I can't even begin to think of seed yet. I guess you get your discount and I'll be stuck paying full price.

    1. I always start to think of them at this time of year. Renee's sale signals the seed buying season for me!