Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pole Bean- Trail of Tears

I've grown pole beans for several years now, but this was my first time growing a bean exclusively for the dry seeds.  Sure, I've saved the seeds from other beans for years.  This is due to missing pods when harvesting or waiting to long between harvests and the pods start to swell. 

The seeds were from Granny,  They were planted in 3" pots in mid June.  In early July, I planted my three plants against the fence in the area that I was cleaning out to expand the garden.  I did not soil prep at all.  I attached some string to the fence, kept them watered, and that what it fro care.

I had noticed that they had begun to flower a few weeks ago.  Yesterday I went out to look at the vines and they were loaded with pods.  Some of the pods had turned red.  I know from reading Daphne's blog that this means they will be dry soon.  I can't wait.  My first frost should not be for a month at least, so all the pods should have plenty of time to ripen.  From those three plants there should be more than enough to save seed from and actually use in a meal.  It was also nice that they could be pretty much ignored and there was not the constant need to go and check to see if there were any to pick. 

I'll definitely be planting more next year.


  1. That is what I love most about dried beans. I can just plant them and forget them until they are ready to harvest. I do have to put up supports before and take them down after, but nothing during the growing season.

    You got your seeds from Granny. She got them from me. I got them from the Ottawa Gardener. I always wonder where she got hers from and how long the chain is. I love how garden bloggers pass all their seeds around.

    1. Thanks for the pedigree. I also received seeds of the Cranberry bean from Granny. I was wondering if she got them from you. Only one plant of the Cranberry bean grew, but I was able to get several seeds for next year from it.

      Now I'm off to do more research on dried beans!

    2. Yep, the cranberry beans also came via Daphne! Aren't they pretty?

    3. I thought so! Yes, they are pretty. Hopefully I will have a lore more by next fall.