Saturday, August 25, 2012

Zinnia 'Bon Bon'

I've always been a sucker for any flower that is striped.  When I read the description of this zinnia on Baker Creek Seeds website I was intrigued as the description was brief and there was no photo.

From the website:  "New! Dahlia-flowered variety in a range of zinnia colors.  The petals are exquisitely colored, often having two colors running the length of each petal. Height is about 30 inches. Great for cutting or for a veritable splash of color right in the garden."

I decided to to try them and was expecting a two tone blend.  Was I wrong!  There was not a range of colors, but these are the best striped zinnia's I've grown in years.  The plant habit is good, that tallest at about 36 inches.  They are well branched and floriferous for a large flowered zinnia.  They are extremely photogenic and make great cut flowers.

I will definitely be growing these zinnia's again, and highly recommend them if you are looking for something unusual for your garden.


  1. Very pretty, but they look like they should be named Peppermint Candy rather than Bon Bon!

    1. I agree, they remind of what Burpee's Candy Cane zinnias looked like back in the 70's and 80's. I grew the Burpee strain last year and like most Burpee seeds they were horrible! I'm so glad I discovered these.

    2. I planted some Burpee peas for fall, and the germination was terrible. At least it was a 98-cent packet. I hope the $5 packet I got from their on line catalog grows better. The amount (weight) of the seeds in the packet was the same for cheap and expensive seeds!

    3. I hope so too! Their catalog prices are unreal. Their seed sold in the stores are very unreliable. The packet of 'Starlight' ($1.00) zinnias that was supposed to be a foot tall turned out to be cactus zinnias that are over 5 feet tall. With the picture packet seeds you deinately get what you pay for!

  2. Wow...I am going to order some for next year.