Saturday, August 11, 2012

Today in the Garden- August 11, 2012

There's not much going on in the garden right now.  The frantic planting is over, expansion of the potager is on hold due to the heat.  Right now it's maintenance, watering and harvesting.

Pool Bed #2 is coming into it's own.  The marigolds and zinnias that replaced the lettuce and escarole are in full flower.  The peppers are starting to turn color and the basil is huge.  One disappointment has been the 'Sonata Mix' dwarf cosmos.  It is dwarf, but it seems to flower late.  It is just beginning to produce lots of buds.

View from the second floor deck.

View from across the pool.

Marigolds 'Janie Primrose' in full flower and 'Bolero' just coming into bloom.

'Bon Bon' striped zinnias.

'Sonata Mix' dwarf cosmos just coming into bloom.

'Siam Queen' Thai basil.

'Red Marconi' pepper, seed from Granny.

'Janie Primrose', 'Bolero' marigold with 'Purple Ruffles' basil.
The lettuce pots are doing great.  The summer mix is ready to pick and the 'Thai Oakleaf' is growing fast. 

'Summer Bouquet' mixed lettuce.

'Thai Oakleaf' lettuce.

A baby butter head lettuce.
This week I did harvest my first 'Diva' cucumber!


  1. that looks so beautiful! Love the thai basil and letuce heads :)

    1. Thanks Jenny. The Thai basil has been very productive and very ornamental.

  2. So very pretty! My summer mix lettuce kept being attacked by something, and was inedible. I'll have to try another planting in the main garden, I gave up on containers on the patio.

    1. I'm surprised how well the lettuce has done, sondidering how hot it's been.

      I won't need to sow lettuce for the fall. I have zillions of 'Ruby' seedlings coming up around the giant plants going to seed!

  3. Cosmos is so hit or miss with me. Sometimes it just doesn't like to flower at all. I have a row of them behind my zinnias. One is blooming its head off and has been for a while. The others haven't done anything at all yet. I'm thinking I ought to rip them all out.

    1. I have issues with cosmos too. The self seeded 'Sweet 16' cosmos along the driveway ahs blooming for months. It is so big that has taken down thick bamboo stakes when it rains. One plant is hald the height. I'll be saving seed from this one. The other keep getting cut back. Someday I'll find the right variety!