Sunday, July 22, 2012

Somethings Rotten On the Mountain

That would be the the bulk of the spring lettuce going to seed and the rest of my escarole.  We have had well over two inches of rain since Friday.  Yesterday we had a light, steady rain all day long.  The rain, combined with the high temperatures has not been a good combination.  Today their has been no rain, but it is overcast and the grass is still wet!  So far, my two enormous 'Ruby' lettuce plants that blooming like crazy are still healthy.

Thursday and Friday we had tremendous down pours that flattened the cosmos long the driveway and those 'Ruby' lettuce plants.  Today I was finally able to get out and prop them up.  

The heat and rain have been a boon for the cucumbers and pole beans.  Their leaves are now getting enormous!  The 'Black Cherry' tomatoes are now at least a foot taller than the 6ft fence they are trained on.

'Diva' cucumbers and pole beans racing up the trellis.

The 'Dvia' cumber leaf is larger than my hand.

'I could fit three hands on this 'Blush Potomoc' leaf.

'Black cherry' tomatoes reaching for the sky.

'Cornetto Largo Verde' pole beans ready for harvest.

The zinnia's are also growing like crazy.

From 'Bon Bon' mixed zinnia.

Unknown cactus zinnia.

Another unknown cactus zinnia.

A very unusual form from the 'Bon Bon' zinnias.

'Spun Gold' marigold.
I haven't been able to harvest much last week.  It was usually to wet to get into the garden.


  1. Luckily I have lettuce growing in containers on the patio, because I was lax in replanting in the garden. The garden lettuce is just now beginning to peek through the soil. I had a butternut squash rot where I had mulched under them with grass clippings. I think I'm going to have to wade into that mess and prop the others up on pots and whatever to keep them off that rotting grass.

    1. My current lettuce crop is in pots and did not mind the rain one bit. I never start lettuce in the garden as the slugs would devour tjem as soon as they come up.

  2. I've just started more lettuce. My spring planted crops is months gone. It wasn't very happy this year.

    1. I should be starting my fall lettuce sson. The summer letuce is growing nicely.

  3. I had a nice view of that Thursday night storm that looked like a wall of water - we couldn't see the hotel across the street from us.

    1. Jenny, that is actually a typical thunder storm here. We had another just like it on Friday night.