Sunday, June 24, 2012

Today in the Garden- June 24, 2012

Not much is going on.  The temperature has gone done ten degrees, but it is till in the low 90's.  I've been getting a little more planting done, but the bulk of my involvement has been watering. 

The tomatoes and beans are loving this weather and growing fast.

'Victor' tomatoes backed by pole beans.

The bush beans planted at the beginning of the month.

The lettuce in pool bed #2 has begun to bolt.  The three that I am letting got to seed look quite ornamental.

The bolting lettuce looks like Christmas trees.
The daylilies continue to delight.

'At First Blush'

'Ed Brown'

'Victorian Collar'

'Tuscawilla Blackout', this picture shows the true color.

'Avante Garde'

Clump of 'Tuscawilla Blackout' backed by 'Avante Garde'.

'Pearl Harbor'
There are other things blooming as well.

First sweet pea bloom, 'Villa Roma Pink/White'.

'Arizona Apricot' gaillardia.

'Arizona Sun' gaillardia.

'Peppermint' balsam.


  1. Victor certainly is a good performer, I'm anxious for some ripe tomatoes from it. I'm lucky that none of my lettuce has bolted....eaten by earwigs yes, gone to seed no. As usual, the flowers are gorgeous. Your neighbors must love you :-)

    1. 'Victor' was actually pruned after this photo was taken. It is the most vigorous tomato I have grown.

      The drier weather and heat have seem to be curbing the earwig population. Just in time for Japanese beetle season!

      My neighbors onle see the flowers if they are looking over the fence. The front yard doesn't have nearly as many due to the extreme rabbit population. I do get complements for what does grow in the front.

  2. Gorgeous! I love the color of that 'Tuscawilla Blackout' but everything looks so very beautiful! I've never heard of variety 'victor'. Have to look it up :)

    1. Thanks Jenny! 'Tuscawilla Blackout' is one of my favorites, awsome in a clump.

      'Victor' is a very hard to find tomato from 1942. I waited years before I was able to get seed last year. Do a search on the blog for 'Victor'.

  3. Very nice Ed, looks like you had bit of a heat wave up there. Your flowers are still magnificent.

    1. Thanks, Kris! At leat the hottest weather is over. I can take the low 90's without a problem. When it approaches 100, I start to wilt like the plants.