Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year- Daylily Peak Bloom

It is no secret that I love daylilies.  Right now they are coming into their peak bloom time.  Every day is a constant change of scenery as the old blooms close and new ones open.  Next year the show should be incredible as this year I'm going to divide them and redo the beds.
Here is a sampling, I'll be posting a lot more pictures this week.

'Little Mystic Moon'

'Huckleberry Candy' and 'Mayfair Morning'

'Regency Fortune'

'Spacecoast Perfect Angel'

'Spacecoast Child Star'

'Cheddar Cheese' the bloom is actually more orange in tone.

'Inherited Wealth'

'Pink Ambrosia'

'Blazing Flame'

'Diamond Tiara'


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    1. Thanks Jenny! This is just s drop in the bucket. More to follow.

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    1. Thanks Coral! There are many more pictures to come!

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    1. Thank! I'm glad you like them, More to follow, start keeping track of your favorites.

  4. HI Ed. Wow, your lilies are just gorgeous. I love the Blazing Flame and Mayfair Morning. Beautiful colors. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thanks Lona! Those two pinks do have great color. I've got some more that I will be posting soon.