Tuesday, February 21, 2012


In 2001 Park seed was having an end of the season grab bag sale.  I ordered two (of course they were both the same), and was not very excited about the contents.  The other day when I was going through my VAST stock of old seeds, I came across one of them. 

On Sunday I decided to fill a few extra cups and scattered some 'Biondissima Trieste' chicory on top.  Imagine my amazement this morning when I checked and some a few white roots emerging.  I was shocked at any germination from 11 years old seed, let alone two day germination.  I can't wait to see what the germination percentage is.

Now I have to take closer look at what else was in that grab bag...


  1. Another reason to never throw out those old seeds! I also think you must take very good care of your seeds. I'm no longer planting twice as many as I need, as I'm consistently getting 100% germination from those you sent :-)

    Lettuce and carrots are supposed to have a short shelf life, but I'm still using seeds from 2008-2009.

  2. Granny, I'm glad to hear that you are getting a good germination percent. I do nothing special for storage. The seeds are stored on a shelf in an unheated basement laundry room. It stays cool, but I always worry about the humidity from the washer in summer.