Saturday, February 25, 2012

Seedling Update & More Pre- Sprouting

Here's an update on the shallot seedlings.  They are three weeks old now and doing great, I'm thinking of giving them a trim soon as some are starting to flop.

'Ambition' shallots at 3 weeks.

'Primero' red cabbage germinated in two days.  I'm trying a much earlier start this year as they take 20 days longer than my green cabbage.

'Primero' cabbage at 4 days.

After the success with pre- sprouting spinach, I dug into the seed stores and pulled out 4 types of swiss chard.  I have grown it before and never used it.  This year I'm definitely going to use it as it full of nutrients etc, and can be very ornamental.  The seeds were not soaked, but went onto damp coffee filters soaked in a weak fertilizer solution.  As an FYI, the weak fertilizer solution contains nitrates which are supposed to aid in germination of older seed.


  1. We aren't cabbage eaters but we do like spinach and swiss chard. Yum!

  2. Teresa, I've grown swiss chard, but have never eaten it. this year I'm determined to try it.

  3. Those are the 5oz cups you were referring to? Do you just starting your seeds in those that way you don't have to transplant them?

  4. Kris, Yes, those are the 5 oz cups. I sow a few seeds directly into them. When they get their first true leaves I will cut of the the weakest, leaving only the strongest. Cutting rather than pulling helps minimize root disturbance.

  5. Your seeds are doing wonderful Ed. I got more sowed last week so I think I am done with sowing more of them until April.Have a terrific week.

  6. Thanks Lona. My seed sowing will be going into high gear soon. I haven't sown the flowers yet...