Sunday, February 12, 2012

First Sprouts of the Season

Can spring be far behind?
Last week I sowed six cups with 'Ambition' shallots.  The seeds were from 2011 and never planted.  Knowing onion seeds have a limited shelf life I sowed the six cups as a experiment.  One week later each cup has sprouted so I sowed 12 more today.

'Ambition' shallot seedlings.
We are finally getting a real taste of winter.  High today was 25 deg Fahrenheit with a wind chill of 12 deg.  Thankfully this will only last through tomorrow.  After this very mild winter it will be galling if that groundhog turns out to be right.


  1. We had 50F today, so my seedlings went outside for some daylight. I'm sure the balmy weather is short lived, but I'll take what I can get! My second container of onions never did sprout a single seedling, so I'll be replanting it with something else, or make soil blocks from the potting mix. The complete lack of germination is a real mystery.

  2. It's been quite cold here too! I think that it reached 31 today and will be cold & windy again tomorrow.

    It looks like your experiment is a success so far. I finally got around to sowing some seeds myself today.

  3. Granny, we should be back into the 50's later in the week. Your onion's non germination is a puzzler. Still can't come up with a reason.

    Robin, I normally don't start amything till March, but reading everyone elses posts about their seedlings got me going. Now we'll see if the pansy seeds from 2005 sprout.