Saturday, January 14, 2012

Great Service Part 2- Southern Exposure

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange provided with another round of great customer service.  When I went to place my on-line order Sunday night, I had a problem with the gift card number.  After the fifth try I fired off an e-mail to them, then went back to try again.  I then realized that the problem was with the user and not with the site.  I placed my order and the next morning was an e-mail from them which contained a new gift card number.  I promptly e-mailed them back telling them that it was user error and the order had gone through and to cancel the new number.  Later that day I got an another e-mail asking if I could describe the problem I was having in detail so they can improve their process.  I was very impressed with heir promptness in responding and concern.

I was completely sold on the company when my order arrived on Thursday.  The turn around time was three days, one day less than Baker Creek.
Seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Also in the mail that day was my free seeds from Wintersown,  The SASE seeds had less than a two week turb around time.  I received all my first choices as well as two from the alternate list and pepper and parsley seeds.  This is a great organization.

SASE seeds from Wintersown

Winter has finally arrived and it went from tropical to tundra in 24 hours.  I hope the stink bugs packed up and headed south!


  1. My Ohio Heirloom seeds still haven't arrived. Oh well, I guess we have a bit of time left before we need to start those peppers. Ohio doesn't take Visa, and I won't do PayPal, so I have to wait until they receive my check.

  2. I've never heard of Southern Exposure so I'll have to give them a try. They sound like a great company.

  3. Gtanny, there is plenty time before peppers need to be started. I kind of miss the old way of mailing in an order. I miss that 2 to 3 weeks of anticipation.

    Casa Mariposa, they have passed all the tests so far. The verdict won't be in until I see how the seeds grow and develop.

  4. That's comforting to hear that SESE has good customer service. Amy's Apricot have a beautiful color. Looking forward to seeing how they grow in your garden.

    I second that on the stink bugs!

  5. Glad the stink bug is on the move, a bug I do not like to have around. We went from 60° to the teens. The weather has been fickle as of late. I too grow heirloom tomatoes but they fruit so much later up here.

  6. Looks like you are getting all set to grow too Ed. I have never heard of either seed suppliers but I will check them out. Thanks for dropping by.