Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best of 2011

Now that the year is almost over, I wanted to share the 12 best, flowers and vegetables from this year.

Four O'Clock- Salmon Sunset

Tomato- Victor

Marigold- Janie Primrose

Cockscomb- Toreador

Celosia- Fresh Look Red

Lettuce- Ruby

Pepper- Tennessee Spice

Echinacea- Powwow Wildberry

Pepper- Northstar

Tomato- New Big Dwarf

Zinnia- Oklahoma Salmon

Zinnia- Magellan Coral


  1. That Cockscomb is beautiful! I haven't seen them in years.

    Actually, everything looks great! Here's to a great gardening year in 2012!

  2. Thanks Robin, the cockscomb looks better in person, I tried all summer to get a decent picture.

    I certainly hope that 2023 will be a great gardening year for us all!

  3. Awesome photos, and a good idea. I might have to do a post like this too.

  4. Hi Ed,

    Have a great year and good gardening!