Monday, September 12, 2011

Harvest Monday

No tomatoes this week.  We had seven straight days of rain, some of it very heavy.  The tomatoes did not split, they exploded!  Every tomato that was showing color looks like that there was a tiny bomb placed inside and detonated.  I've never seen this before.
Yesterday it finally dried up enough so I could venture out and for a small harvest.  Another 'Caserta" squash and 'Muncher' cucumber.  The pole beans are now starting to come in.  I was a little afraid the late planting, July 1, was to late but there should be a good month of heavy harvests now.

I do have a mystery bean.  With the exception of 'Tennessee Greasy', the rest of the beans were from saved seed.  It is among the section of 'Cornetto Largo Verde' which is a white seeded, white flowered, flat bean.  This bean has purple on the stems near the leaf joints, the flowers are lavender and the bean pods are round with a purple blush.  To me it looks like a cross between 'Potomac' and 'Trionfo Violetto'.  It is literally dripping with pods so I'll be saving seed to see if it comes true.

The rest of the garden is a disaster... just what you'd expect after a week of pouring rain.

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  1. All of the rain certainly took a toll on the garden! My tomatoes at the plots are done. Some of the tomatoes at the house are still doing OK though.

    I always plant my pole beans later in the season as a second crop and it seems to work out just fine.