Monday, August 15, 2011

Harvest Monday

Harvest Monday is hosted by Daphne's Dandelions.

This weeks harvest looks smaller, but was the largest yet.  The two bowls of 'Victor' tomatoes were given away before they could be photographed.  most other varieties should be slowing down soon.  The dwarf "tree" tomatoes set all at once and then can be removed once the harvest is finished.  The 'Ramapo OP' vine has engulfed half of the potager and will be removed soon even though there are still green tomatoes on it.  Only the cherry tomatoes will probably make it into fall.
Does the above look familiar, at least the late planted 'Snow Berry' cherries are ripening.
The peppers had to be picked even though they haven't turned yet.  Once they get half way turned, they are developing soft spots.  The 'Tennessee Spice' hot peppers are turning and will be dried and then ground up.

The late planted pole beans in the potager are blooming!  In a few weeks the tide should turn to beans instead of tomatoes.


  1. That "Victor" has been a real performer for you! We are eating the first of our "Coastal Pride Orange", and liking the flavor so far. The plant did get a bit larger than I expected it to, but might still fit into your potager.

    BTW, I saw someone else who was growing "Grandpa Ott", and had all volunteers, three different and gorgeous colors. I think it's a definite must for me next year, it doesn't look like my "Heavenly Blue" is going to bloom before frost. Although, looking back, didn't blossom until the end of September last year. In 2009 it bloomed in July.

  2. Granny- I'll have planty of seed from 'Grandpa Ott' to send you... and I'm still pulling out germinating volunteers.

    'Victor' has amazed me with it's production, I'll definately be growing this one again. I'm glad your happy with 'Coastal Pride Orange' and that your liking the flavor.

  3. Everyone is getting tomatoes but me it seems. I guess it is just too hot and I have waited too long. Yours look grand, great job.

  4. What beautiful tomatoes! I just love hearing about all the different varieties people grow! I'm having the same problem with some of my peppers that you are having this year. They were doing much better earlier in the season.