Monday, August 8, 2011

Harvest Monday

Here is last weeks harvest.

Above, most of the tomato varieties are ripening.
Above, the larger flat tomatoes are 'New Big Dwarf', the smaller flat ones are 'Rozalinda' and the first of the 'Tennessee Spice' peppers. 
Above, and yet more tomatoes.  The bowl is filled with 'Victor', in the front from l to r are 'Black Cherry', 'New Big Dwarf' and 'Rozalinda'.
Above, eggplant and the first of the 'Ramapo Op' tomatoes, the 2 round reds.  The tomato in the middle front is a 'Victor' for size comparison.

Not pictured are 4 green peppers that were given away as well a lots of basil that was also given away.

I've also started to have to toss some of the tomatoes.  The stink bugs are finally starting to damage the fruits.  I'm hoping with the recent rains that they will bother something else.

Harvest Monday is hosted by Daphne's Dandelions


  1. What a nice variety of tomatoes. I have to say that I have Eggplant envy. Yours are nice and big...mine are very small this year.

  2. You're beating me on the tomato harvest, that's for sure! Your Victor is a real gem when it comes to quantity.

  3. Robin- This is the fisst year I've gotten large eggplants, I'm positive that the high heat has been the secret.

    Granny- I'll gladly send you some tomatoes! The 'Victor' plants must think they are zucchini. I pick a large bowl full every other day and they are continously setting fruit with no flower drop.

  4. Seems everyone is harvesting boat loads of tomatoes except for me. That is what I get for waiting so late. Good looking maters.

  5. Great harvest! Your eggplant looks great. I am so jealous of the tomato's. I have had about 3!

  6. I had some stinkbug damage on my fruits too. Not too bad though. They got tossed in the tomato sauce pot.