Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday in the Garden

Although it was still a bit cool this weekend, I was able to get outside on Sunday. While the vegetables seem to be taking forever to sprout and then grow. The perennials and bulbs are growing nicely.


Above, my clump of 'Katie Heath' daffodil is starting to open, a light pink that fades to apricot, this was a hitchhiker from my old garden. The single bulb has sized up to a nice clump and is one of my favorites.

Above, 'Blizzard" snow peas are emerging like gangbusters. I was a bit leery about my home saved pea seed, but it seems that my worries were unnecessary, germination has been great.

. Above, lettuce that is now hardening off for planting next weekend, 'Salad Bowl' and 'Lingue de Canarino'.

. Above, 'Ruby' lettuce and 'Samantha' and 'Gonzales' cabbage will also be planted outside next weekend.


I resowed both types of spinach as the birds seem to like these seedling above all else. I took some of those mesh trays that one gets when buying transplants and covered the spinach area with them. This hopefully will help keep the spinach cooler with the upcoming heat and keep the seedlings away from the birds until they size up. Funny that the birds avoid the arugula planted in the same area!


Sowed beets and carrots today. 'Mokum' and 'Over the Rainbow' mixed carrots, and 'Red Ace' and 'Touchstone Gold' beets. Next weekend I'll make another sowing of them.

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  1. Everything is going so well ... looks like it's going to be a great harvest later on. Wonder what it is about spinach that makes their seedlings so delicious? Your Katie is a stunner ... beautiful colour!