Monday, April 18, 2011

Planting Update

Despite the clean up from the storm, I did manage to get out and do some planting.


Above an over view of the Postage Stamp Potager. The junco's seem to have departed so in a few days I'll remove the mesh flats from the spinach and arugula. Doesn't last years parsley look good? After using it to make stuffing for Easter it will be removed as it starting to bolt. The large lettuce plants in the left bed are from last fall. They survived the open winter and I should be able to harvest them soon.

The back bed, peas and newly planted lettuce. The peas in the foreground are 'Blizzard', left back are 'Freezonian' and left back are the purple podded 'Pretty'. 'Lingue de Canarino' lettuce is on the left, 'Salad Bowl' on the right and 'Ruby' as the front edge.

. Two rows of cabbage, 'Gonzales' in front and 'Samantha' behind. The red cabbage still needs about a week to size up before planting.


I was shocked looking at pics from this date last year that the garden is about three weeks behind in growth. Last year the peas were about a foot tall, cabbage was triple it's size, lettuce, arugula and spinach was ready to be harvested. Thinking back, the weather was much warmer last April. hopefully the warmer temps forecast will help everything catch up.


The lower level of the house is drained and the carpet is almost dry. It will be a while until we can tell if it needs to be replaced. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it won't.


  1. I love your postage stamp potager, it's so pretty! I'm with you on the weather, and the garden being so far behind. I left my morning glory seedlings out the other night, and lost all of them. Luckily I had planted some out in the garden, and they weren't bothered by the freeze at all. They aren't home safe though, we have a frost warning for tonight. I'll be sure to cover them.

    Happy to hear you're drying out, and I hope your carpet will only need cleaning and not replacing.

  2. Your potager is absolutely beautiful! Whenever my parsley makes it through the winter, it's alway tuff. Yours looks good.

    Hopefully your carpet will dry out and you won't have to replace it. You are lucky that it wasn't summer, then you would have to worry about mold from all that water!

  3. Annie's Granny- Thanks! I have tons of volunteer morning glorie's coming up in the Potager. Too bad they are not going to be grown else where this year.

    Robin- Thanks! The carpet is almost dry, but I did notice a strange odor today, it's not a musty or moldy odor. I'm hoping when it's shampooed this problem will be solved.