Saturday, March 12, 2011

Signs of Spring

Hard to believe that less than a week ago there was three inches of snow on the ground.
A view of the kitchen garden today, hope fully it will be fry enough to do some digging tomorrow.

A clump of 'Ruby Giant' snow crocus.

A clump of 'Blue Pearl' snow crocus.

After what seems like a very long winter, spring may actually be here. Each year I eagerly anticipate the brief, but much appreciated appearance of the first snow crocus.
The first seeds have been sown under lights, gaillardia, hollyhocks and lettuce. Spring is here.


  1. Your crocus (crocuses, croci) are beautiful! It felt like spring here today. I notice my lilies are poking through the soil, and I actually got a small part of the garden ready, and planted 120 onions!

  2. The crocuses are absolutely beautiful! I noticed a few around here yesterday. Maybe Spring has finally sprung!!

  3. Annie's Granny and Robin,

    Thanks, I really look forward to them every year. They seem to symbolize the promise of spring.