Saturday, March 5, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Here are a few pictures of my poinsettia which I promised to post.
This year it colored up later than previous years. It looked best in mid January instead of December, as has has in previous years. I have no idea on what I will do with it this coming winter. Despite being hacked back each spring it is at least 4 ft by 4ft. But it does make a great spot of color.

Spring seems to be creeping along very slowly this year. I did find a few snow crocus that were braving the cold wind today. Warmer weather can't be that far off...


  1. It is just gorgeous ... love the colour. They do like being hacked back. I'm able to grow mine outdoors over here and they spring back every Winter after being cut way back after flowering is finished. Of course, our Winter is June to August so they are not flowering right now.

  2. Bernie-
    Thanks... I love the color too, it starts a light pink and gradually get's darker on the outer bracts. It was cut back to less than a foot last spring, we'll have to see how big it get's this summer.