Saturday, March 19, 2011

Peas Planted!

The peas were planted today, only two days behind schedule.
This is the first year that I'm using my own saved seed, so I'm quite anxious to see how they germinate.
Five varieties were planted: 'Pretty', 'Freezonian', 'Blizzard', 'Blondie' and 'Paso', same varieties as last year.
I'll be trying out a new configuration of support for them, which I actually did put together :)
I'll be posting a picture tomorrow as the camera decided to have a drained battery when I went to use it today.
The daffodils are in bloom now as well as the hyacinths :)


  1. Yeah for planting peas!! I just love them and can never get enough!! I think that I will plant a couple of varieties here at the house tomorrow. Happy Spring!!

  2. Robin,

    I'm the same way. Could plant the entire area with peas and it would not be enough. Happy planting!