Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dangerous Waters

And I will probably be paddling up them before long.
It all started with the post below.
An innocent ( at least I HOPE it was innocent!) comment from Annie's Granny

"...a page at another webgarden site here A Forum devoted to Morning Glories is here at".

Of course, I followed that link.
An hour later, I had mentally removed half of the plants on the property and had started the web search.

Bear in mind that I recently had my latest horticultural obsession, daylilies, go into remission.

In the very late 90's I bought two newer tetraploids, 'Strawberry Candy' and 'Elegant Candy'.

Two years later I had over one hundred varieties and thought nothing of shelling out upwards of $200 for the latest and greatest. Another thing to bear in mind, I am a Botanist by training, and when an obsession consumes me, the hybridizing bug kicks in. This year was the first year I made no crosses with my daylilies. I finally realized I had no room for 1000+ new seedlings every year!

Now Japanese morning glories have a lot in their favor. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to grow and apparently easy to hybridize. After I got a look at the images in the above mentioned forum, and saw what was available, the Siren Song became much louder.

.I do plan acquiring a few of those luscious Japanese hybrids. Upon going through my vast seed collection I did come up with the following, that are now topping the list of what to grow in 2011.


'Blue Silk' morning glory

'Tie Dye Rose' morning glory

'Mt. Fuji Mixed' morning glory

I'll keep you posted on what happens.

You may be able to witness my descent into obsession!

I already have visions of the gorgeous strains I hope to grow and eventually create.

Good thing my back yard has a six foot privacy fence!


  1. I have created a monster ;-)

    Oh, I have about a dozen MG blossoms now. There is hope!

  2. Annie's Granny- It certainly looks that way :) I'm getting a bloom or two every other day on 'Heavenly Blue', zero so far on it's sport 'Pearly Gates'. Just wait till next year...