Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Glorious Morning

NOT! The only glorious thing about temps over 80 F at 6am was the first flower to open on the morning glories. Above is the winner, 'Grandpa Ott', if you enlarge the picture you'll see I'm not the only one admiring him.

The first bean harvest of the season. Note the size of the that bean, almost ten inches! Three varieties here, 'Cornetto Largo Verde', 'Green Crop' and 'Sequoia'.

The second harvest, this time joined by the first tomato's of the season, 'Cherry Pink'.
The heat has gotten awful. Right now it's 6:08 pm and 100 degrees, add very high humidity and no raind for almost a month, and it's a wonder anything is growing.


  1. Your weather sounds like ours. We have a 30% chance of some showers the rest of the week, and I am hoping we'll see some.
    The morning glory bloom is gorgeous. I grew morning glories several years ago, all up and down my stair rail. Powdery mildew got them and I didn't try them again. But his year I have moonflower growing in a pot with a trellis. Already it wants to reach out to the neighboring plant stand :) I am eager to see and smell the first bloom!
    That's some monster bean you've got - looks like a county fair prize winner.

  2. Ginny, I grew moonflowers once, if your lucky you cab catch them opening. It's amazing, they look they are using time lapse photography.