Monday, June 14, 2010

Last Weeks Harvest-Finally Shelling Peas!

I was finally able to get out and harvest the shelling peas! With the extreme heat this passed week I was starting to worry about them, but they turned out fine.

Above, 'Golden Grex' beet. 'Detroit Dark Red' beet and baby carrots, 'Scarlet Nantes', 'White Satin' and 'Over the Rainbow'. The carrots went into a stir fry, yum!

Three types of peas. The purple pods are 'Pretty', the green pods are 'Freezonian' and the light green pods are 'Blondie'. When weighed this bowl came to slightly over 2lbs. I did leave quite a few pods on the plants so I can save seed.

And here they are shelled. The lighter ones are 'Blondie'. I'd love to know what the going rate is for shelling peas, but nobody around here sells them. I was shocked when I remembered to price snow peas yesterday, $3.50 for six ounces! That made my last weeks harvest worth over $10!
Just wait till next year though, with the planned garden expansion and I the fact that i left quite a few pods for seed, I should really be "snowed in" :)

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  1. Lucky you! The rabbits always get to my peas before I ever get any. They look yummy!