Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garden Overview

The pole bean jungle.
They are growing like crazy, despite a heatwave with record breaking temps. There are three tee pees, one pole and some up strings on the fence. The 'Cornetto Largo Verde' on the front tee pee are in full flower and actually will be harvested before the bush beans!
They are shading the tomatoes a bit, but that's not a problem. One of my dirty little secrets is, I'm not that fond of tomatoes (Ed hangs his head in shame).

The pool garden.
Mostly annuals, but this year there are many overwintered 'Stripes and Picotees' carnations that are just coming into bloom. In a few weeks this bed should look spectacular.

The Pad.
This is a ten by ten concrete slab that once housed a shed. The shed is long gone.
The vegetables are to the right rear, a sea of daylilies to the left and mixed plantings to the right front. Next year the right front will be more vegetables. There are few pots on the pad, but it is just too hot for seating. On the left is my dappled willow, this was a sprig that was six inches tall when planted in fall 2005. Now it is over ten feet high and gets pruned back to about five feet each spring.

'Border Sentry' daylily.
One of the pad pots. She has been in the same pot for about ten years, over winters like a dream and just gets better and better each year. I really should liberate her from the pot...

What form would you call this?
I'm still trying to figure out the variety of this mislabeled mix. I'm now leaning towards 'All Sorts Mixed'. Whatever it is the flowers are endlessly fascinating.

I'm on vacation this week, or should I say "staycation". No matter, I've got a huge list of things to do that should keep me out of mischief :)

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  1. My goodness your beans are going crazy! That's amazing growth. Your pool garden already looks lovely ... and I just love the patch of daylilies. The dappled willow is magnificent as well.

    As for the form of your gorgeous pink bloom ... that's got to be 'ruffled edges'! Enjoy your 'staycation'.