Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hardening Off

The weather finally seems to be settling down and the night time temperatures are finally supposed to be above fifty degrees. The tomatoes and peppers can finally be brought out to start hardening off. There is a relatively protected spot next to the kitchen door on the deck with a few hours of sun in the morning. This is where all of the seedlings go for hardening off.

If your wondering what varieties of tomato and pepper I'm growing (I know I would be!), here's the list.

One plant each unless otherwise noted.
These are being hardened:
Anna Russian (2), Cherry Pink (2), Orange Banana, Russian Black, Striped Pixie, Bush Big Boy Hybrid, Bush Celebrity Hybrid, Wayahead

Still under the lights:
Black Cherry (2), Black Sea Man (2), Snowberry, Sun Gold Hybrid, Ramapo OP, New Big Dwarf, Rozalinda, Golden Dwarf Champion, Orange Pixie, Mountain Princess

Vidi Hybrid (2), Admiral Hybrid (2), Valencia Hybrid (1), Bell Boy Hybrid (1), Northstar Hybrid (3), Peacework(3)

Of course this is way too many to actually fit in my tiny plot, but who said greed was a bad thing :)

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